How to shop it? How about no…

I really laughed at this headline. How many people will be lining up to buy this? I realise this is a television show and reality is suspended, but where on earth would Carrie have stored this giant coat to have it conveniently at hand during a sudden snowstorm? She lives in a one room apartment! Maybe she used it as a bedspread?

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

One thought

  1. It took me far too many reads to realise that “And Just Like That” was probably the title of something (aren’t show titles supposed to be italicised?)

    Initially I read it as a terribly confusing jumble of nonsense.

    Aside from that bit of confusion, that “coat” wouldn’t fit into my actual home, not to mention a one room apartment. It’s bigger than our duvet, for sure! It does look tremendously cosy & warm! But it does look like one of those puffer coats you can squish up (side note, can you imagine the …wasteful absurdity of wadding up a couture coat into a vacuum sealed bag?!) Which brings me to my next mental image – of a the character on the floor fighting to stuff a ridiculously absurdly expensive huge coat into a small vacuum-seal bag & all the slapstick hijinks that could ensue!

    Continuing the thought, Carrie probably has an off-site storage closet, like people do with cars, junk & off site storage garages in the states. I bet there is a service somewhere (I believe I saw something similar in a Japanese video) that stores your off-season clothing for you for a fee. Interesting things to consider!

    One more side thought while I’m pondering – would you call this a parka, a puffer, a coat or ? I really enjoy learning more about regional vernacular for things like this. 🙂

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