Dip and Twist nail polish remover

For years and years I have only used dip-and-twist style nail polish removers. This type of remover consists of a small tub with a sponge inside. The sponge has a slit in it and is soaked in nail polish remover. You dip your fingernail in, twist, and voila! No muss, no fuss. I like that it is quick and easy. No smelly pads to get rid of and the smell doesn’t spread around your house like liquid varnish remover does.
I use Depend because it is cheap, lasts for ages, and does not dry out my nails. This type of remover is great if one nail chips and you want to repaint it. It doesn’t work on toenails though, so I still have to haul out the liquid remover for those.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. For years and years my husband and my daughter had always banished me outside whenever I needed to remove my nail varnish and I had to take out the trash immediately after doing it… I had never heard of that type of nail varnish remover until I read your post and for days I looked all over the internet to find something similar in Germany without success. Then yesterday I went to my local drug store and lo and behold, I found the shop’s own brand that was exactly as you described. I dropped to my knees and sobbed for a while and I when I was finally home, I self isolated outside and I was mesmerized by how fast and painless it was to use! And again another round of sobbing! Until now, I had only painted my nails in the summertime because it’s warmer outside but now I can use it all year round INDOORS, no less! Thank you so much for writing about it!

    1. Isn’t it magical? So quick and effective, and it really contains the smell. My husband also hates the smell of the remover but at least with the dip-and-twist the smell lasts minutes instead of me having to dispose of the cotton pads in our industrial garbage like it was nuclear waste! I am sad they don’t make one for toes!

      1. Absolutely!… I did find some pre-soaked pads, which I’m going to be using for my toes. Since I don’t show my toes in wintertime, I don’t have to paint them then, so I can self-banish in the garden to remove the nail polish and not freeze to death!…

        And by the way, I used the nail varnish brand Essie and I love it! I was always going for the cheapest brand but I can tell the difference, even though Essie doesn’t break the bank. I use the colour 477- Maki Me Happy, which is a deep red and I love it! I always tend to go either for dark red or black. Now that I can use nail polish without too many risks, I may even try some pastel colours, like you do. They are really lovely and fresh for the summer! Again, thank you so much for your recommendations!

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