Setup of Van der Spek custom pocket-sized binder in Undyed Janet Leather

  • Junior 25mm rings
  • Outside + inside leather: JL Undyed
  • Outside + inside stitching: JL Undyed
  • Stiffener: BONTEX
  • Back pocket
  • Exterior slip pocket front and back
  • Ring protectors
  • Squared corners
  • Secretarial left and right
  • Extra popper on cover, so longer clasp +12mm

I have plastic dividers with six sections
Week on two pages for my scheduling. As you can see, it can end up being quite messy. But it works for me. Looking at this you can see how much I rely on my calendar. I cannot remember from day to day where I will be so I REALLY need this calendar. I can now have a full year in my planner at once.
Page a day calendar for my daily to dos
Behind that is lined notepaper
I need to keep records of student hours to make sure they do not go over the allocated number. I need to carry these with me so that I can answer queries on site.
Student notes. I take notes while my clients are talking and then go through them at the end of the lesson.


Plastic pouches holding articles about products I would like to try, photographs, hole protectors, stamps

Quite chunky but surprisingly light. The issue will be how bulky it is in my bag
Comparison between my Filofax Belmonth with 15mm rings, and the Van der Spek with 25mm rings

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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