This decluttering week

This is what the end of my decluttering week looked like in my Hobonichi Weeks. Every Sunday I sit down with my work schedule, see what gaps I have, and plan what decluttering task I can fit into that gap. Those to dos are written down on the plain page to the right. On the left page I write the tasks from day to day. Checks next to the tasks means that it was completed. Crosses mean that it was not completed and it is then scrapped or migrated to the next page.

It is not neat, it is not pretty, but it works. And that is all that matters for every system. Others may find that sticking closely to decorating, the Bullet Journal System or Getting Things Done works for them. For me, the perfect system has evolved over many years. And it is basically a calendar and lists. Itemising everything and crossing it off.

This part of my life would fit into my ring organiser. But I wanted to keep work and private life separate.

The Van Der Spek Undyed Janet Leather Codex Mega is going strong – not showing much of a tan – you can barely see that it is lighter under the strap –  but the tan will come once it goes outside when the Sweden summer comes (if it comes, lol!)

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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