Getting the most out of beauty products

When a container of beauty product (well, almost any product I suppose) is almost finished, don’t throw it in the bin. Use these tips to get up to a week’s worth of product out of that nearly-empty tube or bottle.

  • turn bottles upside down to allow product to collect near the lid
  • if the product is very thick and goopy use a sturdy knife (being very careful here of course) to cut plastic bottles and tubes in half and scrape the product out.
  • with shampoos and conditioners you can add a little water to the bottle and shake to get the last bits out
  • put mascara tubes in which the mascara has dried out into a cup of hot water. This makes it liquid enough to get the last bits out
  • use a lip-brush to get into finished lipstick cases to get the last bits out
  • face creams that don’t suit you can be used for hands or body. They are not as rich, but it’s always nice to get them used up.

If you end up with products you don’t like or which don’t suit you

  • use conditioner as a shaving cream
  • use shampoo or shower gel to wash delicates or as a bubble bath
  • use hair serum as lipgloss if it doesn’t taste gross
  • use cream blusher on lips or lids
  • use lipstick as a blush or shadow
  • mix lipsticks in a waterpainting palette to mix your own shade

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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