Ponderings about these COVID-19 times

Sweden announced yesterday that the restriction on the number of people allowed at public and private gatherings was to be lifted from 29 September, as was the recommendation to work from home.

It felt weird. My first thought was that it was way too soon. I have become used to working from home and hate the thought of crowding onto public transport several times every day due to the risk of infection.

I enjoy working in different places, meeting different people, and getting plenty of exercise and fresh air during my day. I like creating outfits and having a distinction between work and home. But I also like being able to do laundry and dishes during gaps in my day. I love being able to sleep a little later in the morning and spend the day surrounded by cats.

Whatever happens, I will be working mostly from home until the end of the year. None of my groups are face to face, and they take up most of my day. If I do work out in the field, it will be two days a week at the most.

One thought I have had though, is that people have become more relaxed and understanding over the last year and a half. If there are technical problems during a meeting, children interrupting seminars, someone looking a bit tired and rumpled – no problem. People having to sit in their bedroom or closet to have peace and quiet for a lesson is a familiar sight nowadays. Those carrying out essential services are appreciated way more – letter delivery, public transport, healthcare and education. I think people also appreciate their health and home way more than they did. I know I do. We are better at washing our hands and keeping distance, meaning that regular colds and bugs have kept their distances. So it is not all bad.

How about you?

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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