Tretorn Wings Daypack

I have some Tretorn sneakers and I love them. I would not normally have chosen purple but they were on deep discount at an outlet so there was no colour choice.

Tretorn is a Swedish brand who also make really good bad-weather shoes and clothing. They have a very interesting heritage

Now that Sweden is going into autumn and winter and I will be working out in the field again soon, I have been looking at a light, waterproof backpack that will work well with my job as a teacher. I developed tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome in my left arm last year, and it was agony. Luckily, working from home solved that, and I realised I would have to find a better way of carrying my accoutrements when I go back out into the field.

This Tretorn water resistant Wings backpack – now on deep discount – interests me because:

  • it will fit A4 folders easily
  • it has a built in laptop pouch
  • it stands up perfectly when open
  • no zip opening – only poppers
  • several outside pockets and pouches
  • padded straps
  • not heavy
  • internal poppers allow you to make it bigger or smaller

I have not decided yet but after carrying very little when I go outside the house over the last year, I have realised I have to protect my back and shoulders.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. My osteopath recommends the trolley bags. I’ve had several – the pilots’ case and then a rucksack on wheels. The former worked better, as there are sections for stuff, rather than chucking it all in together.

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