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When I lived in South Africa, all my pets were buried in my aunt’s garden. She has a huge garden and in one corner is the pet’s graveyard. All pets are all buried beside each other and have been since 1968.

In Stockholm, however, that is not an option. So I have chosen individual cremation for each of my departed pets. You receive their ashes in a simple wooden box.

For Tusse, my ex husband preferred to scatter his ashes in his favourite place. The place Tusse used to sleep in the sun and where he ran when we went on walks in the summer. I loved the idea in theory, but in reality that place is icy and windblown for most of the year. And when we divorced and moved, Tusse remained behind.

Paddy’s ashes (above) have moved with me. I keep them on a shelf with his favourite toy beside them.

For Fluffy we have decided that we may scatter a tiny portion of his ashes in his favourite spot in the garden, but that most of them will remain in their simple box, beside Paddy. We will frame our favourite photo of him to put on top.

One thing I have looked at in the past has been pet cremation jewellery. You can buy a simple vintage ring and put some ashes inside, then inscribe the top. The one below comes from one of my favourite shops, Cougar Cove on Etsy. They always have this type of jewellery for sale.

A search for pet cremation jewellery on Etsy brings up a great variety of offerings. You can insert ashes into a hollow piece of jewellery or have the ashes made into the jewellery itself. My favourite is the one below, for several reasons:

  • you don’t need to post ashes to someone – you never know if they will be erroneously confiscated as human remains.
  • it fits on a Pandora bracelet or a chain
  • it allows for a photograph and an inscription
  • it is in Europe
  • everything you need is included

The shop caters for all kinds of ashes, which is nice. Find their cremation jewellery here. Cremation jewellery is not for everyone, but if it brings you peace, then I think it is wonderful. And for me, if I am ever in the position where I cannot bring the boxes with my pets’ ashes, I will look into these options.

A friend of mine does something like this, so that her pets can always be with her.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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