‘Fluffy’ cremation pendant/urn

I have written before about cremation jewellery, though I have never had any. I keep Paddy’s ashes in my office in their little wooden urn, with his favourite toys on top. Fluffy’s wooden urn is on my bedside table with Nastassja’s photograph next to it.

It is almost a year since Fluffy passed away, and my heart still hurts. He was my kitty soulmate, my special one. He slept with me every single night and welcomed me home each day. He got me through my divorce. I have never hurt this much over a pet before.

So for the one year ‘anniversary’ of his death, I bought an item of cremation jewellery, from Geominimalist on Etsy. I chose this shop because of the customisation options, low prices (I paid $20), and good reviews. I did not want anything expensive, just something to soothe me a little. Alex was amazing. He answered all my questions promptly, and the item was shipped the very next day. Shipping was quick and the item was beautiful.

I bought this item, which can be left blank and discreet, or customised with engraving (name, date, quote, photograph). The little pendant is nice and solid.

I probably will not wear it as a pendant, but I will keep it in my jewellery box with all my special things.

The item comes in a sturdy box

There is plastic around the contents when it arrives, meaning that it won’t be affected if it gets wet on the way

Easy to use tools (there is a video on the listing so you can see how it works). Tiny screwdriver and a funnel and tool to facilitate transfer of ashes.

The picture of Fluffy was perfect.

If ashes seem a bit grisly for you, there are also pet portraits:

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