My favourite mobile phone model of all time – Nokia 3310

I got my first mobile phone relatively late – about 1999 – and it was a Sony Ericsson. After that I had several Nokias, an Experia, and many iPhones. I am now a dedicated iPhone user because I use a MacBook and everything Mac is so seamlessly integrated.

But there is a special place in my heart for my old Nokia 3310. It could only hold about ten messages, but the battery lasted a week. You could drop it and it would make a hole in the floor rather than shatter into a million pieces. It was the first phone I had that was compact and felt nice in your hand. You could also change the shell, which was almost unheard of at that time – I had a purple one!




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  1. I still have a working Nokia 7110, 6300 and a newer Nokia C5! But like you I use my iPhone for everything these days

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  2. Have to agree! It was a superb phone and seemed to go on and on. I remember visiting the Design Museum in Helsinki a few years back and seeing the mobile phones on display – it’s quite something to see several thing you’ve actually owned on display in a museum!

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