I am now using a Filofax personal sized Baroque in black

Well, the black Classic Slimline did not last long because I just cannot make do with 11mm rings. I loved it but it just was not coping. I didn’t want to go as big as 30mm rings because it will be a brick to travel with but this is perfect.

The notepaper and accessories all came from my stash. It’s amazing what I have collected over the years!

Beautiful soft smooth leather with an interesting clasp. There is a popper fastening. There is no stiffening at all so it is very flexible. I like the clean, minimal lines of the exterior of this binder.
The back is also very clean and minimal. I have used a teal Baroque for travelling before and the leather is very hardy, despite how soft and smooth it is.
The decadent embossing and full leather interior just scream luxury! This model has the same internal layout as the Malden. I am travelling next week so have begun my packing list, which is in the front. This ‘insert’ came from a local hobby shop.
The zipped pocket holds my coins, supermarket tokens and keys. The card slots hold banknotes, various loyalty cards, and various bits of paper. Behind the credit card pockets is a slip pocket which can hold bigger papers.
Filofax stickers for easily marking travel days, paydays, birthdays etc. . I have four rulers from WH Smith – clear with blue text. I always use rulers rather than dividers to separate the different sections of my planner
My calendar is very light at this time of year so I concentrate on sales. I am also meeting the catsitter on Wednesday at my house so I have to change all the linen and do a big clean before she comes. The cats are having a live-in caregiver while we are away. I prefer the burde vertical week-on-two-pages layout but they were all sold out now that it is June so I am making do with the Filofax version. I don’t like it as much because it only has the times on Monday. Burde inserts have them on each day.
Then comes a burde week on two pages for my daily to dos
Then come my lists on lined notepaper for overflow and more general to dos. This is important now that I am planning a trip, organising a catsitter, post, paperwork etc.
Here is a fold-out yearly insert by Amanda Bigrell (see my other post today). On the other side is a timetable for one of my groups in autumn in a clear plastic sleeve. I have written these bookings in my timetable but I often print out the schedule just so I am double-sure. These three groups do not go in order 1, 2, 3 but 2, 3, 1 and I need to remember that when preparing. I also have ring reinforcers for when I am travelling, in case one of my calendar pages tears.
Stamps and ladybug stickers (a gift from a lovely blog reader!)
Clear sleeves and two plastic envelopes with slots on both sides. These I usually use to put receipts and other bits of paper while I am travelling. I sort them out at the end of each day. Behind these plastic sleeves is a Filofax jotter pad. I carry a spare one in the slip pocket at the front of the binder


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