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Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Hi Janet
    I’m a lifelong Amurican, living in Texas, and currently looking for a new home, so I’m familiar with the term “1.75 baths.”

    1.00 bath is one Tub, one Stall Shower, one toilet & a sink/faucet
    .75 Bath is one toilet, one stall shower, and a sink.
    .50 Bath is one toilet and one sink.
    The Master bath is the bath that is connected with the Master bedroom

    28 cats is 93% of 30 cats
    (Says Linda,the accountant)

  2. I am thinking 1.75 baths consists of one full bath (toilet, bathtub and shower) and a bath with toilet and shower (not tub). Further since you know you want to know Janet, .5 bath is a toilet only. I left the USA 15 years ago, but I can translate! The 28 cats part of the ad scares me.

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