Van Der Spek Red Janet Leather Codex Hobonichi Cousin Cover – almost a year in

Its been so hot in the Stockholm that they cancelled all trains a few days ago. Here is my planner at an outside café where I was trying to get cool!

I have been using Hobonichi Cousin (A5 size) for about a year, and had this Van Der Spek Red Janet Leather Codex Hobonichi Cousin Cover for about 9 months.

It is in heavy daily use so you can see signs of wear on it now – more from pen marks, cat scratches and scuffs than wear of the leather.

It is not as heavy as the equivalent Filofax would be because the Tomoe River paper in the Hobonichi is very thin and light. I believe that Da Vinci refills are made of the same paper, if you are looking for an equivalent for ring binders.

The thing that has helped me the most about the Hobonichi Cousin is the daily list pages. They really help me to list things that need to be done.

I do find, however, now I have used one book for half a year, that I wish I could throw the completed lists out, as I used to with a Filofax. I have to carry completed lists around with me all the time, there is no point in keeping them and they take up unnecessary space in my bag.

I will be travelling to Africa for more than three weeks soon and will be downsizing to a ring binder for that.

Having my hair cut
On the floor while I eat my breakfast in front of the tv
On the sofa

Author: Janet Carr

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  1. I’m a teacher (in Norway), and usually buy a specific teacher planner or the Burde teacher inserts. However, I find the A4 size of the Norwegian teacher planners to be too big. Although the A5 vertical from Burde is OK for general scheduling and keeping an overview of the week, it does not give me enough space to lesson plan (plus, it turns out, I don’t like A5 ring binders!).

    Would you recommend the cousin as a teacher planner? Unlike you, I don’t mind keeping the finished lists etc. There’s always the avec if I’d like less bulk?

    1. I have used a Cousin as a teacher planner and I loved the four different calendars. There is definitely more space for keeping lists because you have the weekly and daily calendars. I think it depends on how wordy your lesson plans are and how big your handwriting is. I used them for my daily to do lists and typed up my lesson plans as normal. But for keeping everything in one place, it was the best! I would recommend trying one anyway. Even if you don’t order a cover, have a try with a book!

  2. Your cover is simply gorgeous! I have been using an A6 Hobonichi and I’m thinking about moving on to the Cousin. I have a Cousin Avec so I have until July to make my decision so that I can move on to the next book for the next semester. I’m also using the daily pages for my lists and it’s going so well. I’m really on top of things thanks to it. Thank you for another brilliant article that gives my planning life some food for thought!…

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