More wearable art from Lenita of MercuryOrchid on Etsy

I have written about MercuryOrchid before, but thought I would feature some more of my favourite Mercury Orchid rings. I have this shop on my Safari Favourites Bar and I like to scroll through new additions whenever I need cheering up. Lenita’s work is beautiful, very in demand, and her staging shots for her listings are amazing. Each ring is different and seems to glow with life somehow.

My father used to work as a geologist (sadly he had to give up halfway through his degree when I came along) and clay surveyor out in the open spaces of Africa and he had this amazing collection of rocks that he used to pick up while he was surveying. He made a little cabinet for them and each one was meticulously catalogued. I used to love looking at them and seeing the utter beauty that was both outside and inside these products of our amazing earth. When I look at Lenita’s work I marvel at all the different kinds of stones she uses and how each one is as unique as a fingerprint. People often think precious stones like diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, rubies and tanzanite are the most beautiful, but I think the often-forgotten stones (usually minerals, though I have always been confused about the difference between a gem and a mineral) are the most beautiful .

I don’t own one of these rings but they are definitely on my ‘want’ list. I fear though, that one would not be enough. Everything sells really fast and each and every item is different, but Lenita does take custom orders and she does take deposits.
















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