Planner Heroes, 2017

Ring organiser – Van Der Spek pocket/junior Touch Me in black

I used this until around the summer and it worked perfectly as a wallet and planner. It is brilliantly designed, so touchable (these planners are excellently named!), wears like a dream and is nice and compact. I could fit everything I needed into it and it was eminently portable. The only reason I swapped over the summer was that I needed more note space than this size provided, due to my decluttering project.

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Planner – Hobonichi Cousin in Red Janet Leather Van Der Spek Codex Cover

This has worked like a champ during the year, where I have decluttered, sold, traded, auctioned, donated, recycled and sorted out my things. The main thing that helped were the daily pages for my notes and to dos. Hobonichi allows you to fit 4 full calendars (yearly, monthly, weekly and daily) in a regular sized book.  No extra bulk, no extra weight.

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Traveler’s Notebook – A5 Wide Apple Pig Leather Art Cave Art cover and wallet insert

This has been in constant use since the day I received it in March. It is perfectly designed and after 9 months of use it looks as good as new. I have had no desire to swap into something else. In it I use inserts from YellowPaperHouse on Etsy, my go-to shop for inserts. I use this TN for everything personal – health, health tracking, personal journal, wish lists, personal to-do lists, special cards and special letters people have sent me.

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Notebook – Smythson black King’s size manuscript book

This is my 6th or 7th year using one of these. I got a bunch of them during a deep sale a few years ago and use them for all notes that don’t fit anywhere else. You can scribble and use the pages as hard as you like and they just keep going.

This one has had a real battering. Ziggy stalked it and clawed the cover quite badly early on in the year. If it had been one of my other covers I would have been absolutely devastated but these notebooks take a beating anyway and are not used for anything precious so I didn’t really mind.

Pen – Hobonichi

Have not used anything else since I received my first one. It has blue, black and red refills but I have used mainly the red. I love red ink and this one is a gorgeous bright colour. I bought a couple with my order and I am so pleased I did.

Pen case – Hobonichi Thank you All

This matches my Thank You All cover but is a vinyl material with yellow nylon lining and has an internal slip pocket. It has worn really well and is the perfect size and shape. I am so glad I bought this one and am kind of sorry I did not get other products in the series. They also had a tote and a pencil case that fitted on to the cover.

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