Planners for 2018

Planner – Hobonichi Cousin

The four calendars in this is what drew me back to Hobonichi and I will be using it as follows

  • annual calendar (reminders of birthday, local flea market dates, auction dates)
  • monthly calendar (translation hours)
  • weekly calendar (bookings)
  • daily calendar (shopping lists, to dos for decluttering, student notes)

I have not decided which cover to use with it yet but it will most likely be my Red JL Codex Cover from Van Der Spek (not featured here because that cover is still on my 2017 Cousin). The cover featured here is my Mitsuhiko Sasao My Favourite Table Hobonichi Cousin Cover


Traveler’s Notebook – A5 Wide Apple Pig Leather 5mm vegetable tanned leather cover and wallet insert

This is the same design as my Cave Art cover. I will be using it with YellowPaperHouse inserts in ivory. It will hold all my health trackers, personal journal, wish lists, shopping lists. Lin suggested I try this leather because it is thick and heavy and fairly stiff. I have had this cover for about 6 months but have never used it.

It will have the same set up that I have used for 2017.

Read about this cover here

Notebook – Smythson mushroom King’s size manuscript book

This is the same style I always use but with a different coloured cover. I always just use these for general notes. At the back I keep a list of all the toiletries I finish. I tend to buy in bulk when there is a special or sale and this helps me to work through my supplies before buying new. I like these because the paper is tough but thin and they are a good size. I use one a year and am now in my sixth or seventh year of using one. In my experience no cheaper booklets have paper and a cover that holds up as well as these do. I used one for three years for student notes and the paper stayed firmly stitched in even after being flipped through several times daily.

Pen – Hobonichi

Have not used anything since I received my first one. Each pen contains three colours but I like the red option the best. I bought a couple with my order and I am so pleased I did. The 2017 ones had a blue casing and the 2018 ones have a yellow casing. You can also, I believe buy this type of pen from JetPens.

Pen case – & other stories leather case with tassel

I bought this on the & Other Stories 70% off sale over the summer and cannot wait to use it. It is nice and big but compact. The Hobonichi Thank You All pouch I am presently using as my pencil case (below) will become my makeup case.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Hi Janet, I’ve been using rings since the early 90s, but I bought my 1st hobonichi to try in 2018. I love the paper size and need more space, using the cousin, but I’ve always used my personal size rings for a wallet as well and not sure how well the size will work as a wallet. I have been following your progress closely with the red JL, do you use it as a wallet, if so, how is it working out? I’m also unsure where to store client info, pass codes, and lists in general as the hobo seems only to be a calendar with little room for extra and I’ve always kept everything stored in one place… any words of wisdom? I may be to set in my ways to change, but I’d love to give it a try, and you seem so happy with yours! Plus, I have a great design all ready for Petra…😁Thanks Janet…

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