BJØRG Shaker rings

I have written about BJØRG Shaker rings before. I really liked them but found them way overpriced (€400 to €1500), unless you found huge sizes on Amazon for €50 or so. If I plan on dropping €500 on a ring, it would be 18K gold and the highest quality diamond I could get for that price, not sterling silver with low-quality diamond or other semi-precious stones.

BUT I found this in my size on eBay a few weeks ago. For €60. And I pounced. I don’t have any tanzanite jewellery and I have always wanted something featuring tanzanite because it is only found in a very small area of Tanzania. The best tanzanite is the most amazing blue colour but for now this will do for me! The Bjørg site is selling them for over €600.





Author: Janet Carr

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