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  1. And while I think of it: if you work in Human Resources, do not give me cause to hold a grudge. It will end up spoiling everyone’s day for a very long time. There are certain individuals who should be fed to lions – or worse- still, in my opinion… and that is decades later in some cases.

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  2. I am a Virgoan; it takes a lot to make me hold a grudge but I can – given sufficient motivation – hold it for several years.
    My other half is a Cancerian: has held one particular grudge for 7 years and others longer still.
    I would say that Taurus (my late father) was about right, too…

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  3. An old Irish friend once told me he holds grudges forever because Irish men have short dicks and long memories.

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  4. I’m a Virgo, at one time I would have agreed with this, I used to be awful about holding a grudge, luckily, God has changed my heart to love thy neighbor! Amen


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