Sticker and Post It aids to productivity in journal and ring organiser


These are little aids I have been using in my ring organiser and journal this year.

To the left above you can see some numbered stickers and ones with days and months on them. I have been using these (and the inspirational ones) in my journal. This year I am forcing myself to undertake huge tasks I have been putting off for (literally) years. And so I need all the encouragement I can get. I am breaking these huge jobs down into small daily and weekly tasks, and hopefully that will make it easier to complete them.

Regarding the ones on the right: during busy and complicated weeks, I usually recycle old calendar pages and insert them between the weekly pages of my ring organiser to hold all my extra to dos. I either cut them down to half the width of the page so I can still see my appointments. Then at the end of the week I take them out, move them forward to the next week or throw them away. I have many things that come up during the week and for which there is no space so this works really well.

This year though, I have been using these post its and list pages because I got them really cheap on sale. I tend to use them for

  • shopping lists
  • to do lists
  • blog post ideas
  • to dos for clients

They are easy to move around and I can discard them afterwards, or move them to other pages. I must say, it is really nice to have something more attractive to do my lists on than calendar paper from years ago!







Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Janet, I too cut my old inserts in half and use them for extra to-do’s. I thought I was the only one! When you collect discontinued Filofaxes, you often end up with a whole lot of out-of-date diary inserts. I like stickers and washi tape but I love it post-it notes more! Will hunt down those Poppy Planner ones. I’m thinking of thinking of getting a check-box stamp so I can stamp my plain, square post-it notes. The other planner aid I like is page flags and those little adjustable tabs – they’re nifty too.

    1. These ones are nice in that you can put them in your organiser. Otherwise, mine all lie in a heap and then when I want something I cannot find it!

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