Change the way you see by Donna Ashworth

I love Donna Ashworth. I featured her previously:

Here is another beautiful poem from To the Woman

By Lisa Aisato. Vakker means beautiful in Norwegian


I don’t have crow’s feet,
I have happy happy memories of laughing with friends until the tears flowed.

I don’t have frown lines,
I have the marks of my frustration and confusion, which I battled through, smiling in the end.

I am not going grey,
I have shimmering highlights of wisdom, dashed throughout my silver hair.

I don’t have scars,
I have symbols of the strength I was able to find, when life got tough.

I don’t have stretch marks,
I have the marks of growth and the marks of motherhood. My womanly evolution.

I am not fat,
I bear the evidence of a life filled with abundance, blessings and good times.

I am not just forgetful,
I have a mind so full of stories, memories and moments there is scarce room to hold much else.

I am not old,
I am blessed, with a life of great length, something not everyone can say.

Don’t change the way you look my friend,
change the way you see,
change the way you see.

—- Donna Ashworth

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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    1. You can get them from Donnna Ashworths site here, in several different sizes. Send them to a local photo or print shop to print them out in good quality. I can recommend – I have one in my bedroom!

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