Flying Tiger Ring binders in personal and A5 size – €4!

I like to meander around the Flying Tiger/Tiger/TGR at my nearest underground stop. The shop is right next to where I connect to the buses from the underground so if I miss my bus, I take a few minutes to see what they have in stock. Flying Tiger restocks almost on a daily basis and once things sell out they are gone, so there is always something new to see.

Today they had A5 and personal sized ring binders in blue, red and black. 

At the price (€4/€4.50), they are not going to last forever, but they are worth it for the lined inserts alone. They would also be ideal for 

  • Anyone wanting to try ring binders but not wanting to invest too much early in the game
  • For a recipe file that you don’t mind getting splashed or holding with your floury or greasy paws
  • For insert storage
  • For travelling

They are available in A5 and personal size in red, black and brown

Personal sized red, filled with lined paper

A5 sized red

A5 red and personal sized blue

I think these are 25mm rings

The personal sized ones work out to €4 or $4.50

A practical layout with credit card slots and secretarial pockets

The back cover has a single slit pocket

Personal size


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

8 thoughts

  1. these binders are already/again/still – who can say for sure – on sale here in austria 🤔

  2. Thank you for this post Janet. You find the most amazing things! There’s a Flying tiger near me and I might be heading that way tomorrow. I’ll have a look in. A cheap A5 would be useful for recipes or storage if they have any in.

  3. Just spotted the very same in a Flying Tiger here in Tokyo!! A real bargain at ¥500, but if there’s one thing I don’t need more of on this trip, it’s stationery and notebooks 😬

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