Leuchtturm1917 A4 Master in Cognac Leather on the way to me!

I was able to order this online and cannot wait for it to arrive. I started a big new contract on 10 October so this is my present to myself for that.

My black A4 is really proving to be a success so the Cognac will be for 2016. It is a year that I will be making many big changes and I want to be on top of everything ever step of the way!

I am already drafting templates for what will be where so hopefully all the kinks will be ironed out by then.

One thing I can recommend if you use this, or any similar notebook, is the Leuchtturm adhesive pen loop. It really makes a difference and fits pens of all sizes.








Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I enjoy my Leuchtturm journals (size smaller than yours…) with my fountain pens, but have never seen the leather covered ones stocked with US suppliers that I typically use.

    Will have to check with them….

    Maybe it’s just my ol’ eyes, but in some of the pics the leather look pretty orangey. Is that correct or just the photos?

    1. I have not received it yet but will let you know when I do, and of course take more pics. I am getting so much use out of my regular black one. My jobs are rather out of control at the moment and tasks were getting lost, so it gathers all my ducks under one roof, so to speak.

  2. At least you don’t have this problem, which is good! I have looked everywhere in Germany for good pen holders and the Leuchtturm ones were still the best despite their flaws.

      1. I’ve got a lookalike one from Muji and the springs are too springy. They definitely can cope with a pudgy Lamy but it’s not as stable as the Leuchtturm one.

  3. I have to say that as much as I love the Leuchtturm notebooks, I find the pen holders really bad. They are very narrow, so if you have slightly bigger pens, like Lamy Al-Star or Safari, you simply cannot use them. And when you find a pen that fits (a regular Bic Crystal fits perfectly), there is always some amount of glue that remains stuck on the barrel of the pen and you can wash it however often you want, it just won’t go away… The positives of the pen holder is that they stick really well on the notebooks and that they come in a wide array of colours, so they are very versatile. If only they would fix this glue problem, they would be really good and we could forgive the lack of space for chunkier pens.

    1. I slip the clip on the lid of the Safari (or other pen) through the pen holder. Then, all I have to do is unscrew the pen, and I don’t lose the cap. So far, it works well.

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