ZenKraft Prince of Purple A5 Pro Sleeve Slim


The other day, Yochanan posted the above photograph in the Zenkraft Traveler’s Notebook Facebook Group to show some of what would be for sale when his shop opened again. I saw the purple A5 in the top row and I knew I had to try and snag it. I love purple and I love gold, plus I really like the Pro-Sleeve design. I have a B6 and an A5 Pro-Sleeve in Old Man Comfort, and it is a lovely design because you can carry everything with you, it has an external pocket and poppers. Read more about it on Yochanan’s blog.

I was lucky enough to snaffle it when the shop opened at 18.00 my time. I had bought it by 18.00.15. Within 10 minutes everything was sold. Need I say I am thrilled! Did I mention it’s purple and gold?

Will review when I get it!

‘Introducing ZenKraft’s Prince of Purple (POP) A5 Pro Sleeve Slim! Just a gorgeous take on the Pro Sleeve configuration with this Purple 6oz. Bullhide leather. Opening from left to right, Gilded gold snaps secure its contents nicely! On its left side is a 5″X8″ Reporter Notebook that slides in and out of its left pocket. In addition, it holds 4 A5 inserts comfortably. Next a right side multi-function pocket holds pens, pencils, rulers, etc. securely.’









Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. It’s lucky for my bank account you posted this after the sale – and lucky for you as otherwise I’d have been racing you to purchase it! 😉

    Hopefully some more are made, I would love one!

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