Traveler’s Notebook bookmarks


Some sellers include integral bookmarks with their notebooks, for example Zenkraft, Paperflower, Lady Falcon. Others do not.

They are pretty easy to make though. You can just loop thin string through the top elastics and tie whatever you want to the ends. And you can make bookmark charms from almost anything.

What I do like though are leather ones – either flowers or monkey paws/fists.

Here are my favourite leather flowers – from MyPaperLoveStudio

These bookmarks / page markers are made using genuine leather flowers and leaf cut outs and are tied on a cotton waxed string. Each will have one large flower, a small flower and a leaf (as shown).

– Large flower is a little less than 1.0″ in diameter
– Small flower is about 0.5″ in diameter

Size options:
– Passport size : ~14 inches
– Pocket size : ~15 inches
– A6 size : ~16 inches
– Personal size : ~17 inches
– Standard size : ~21 inches

Flower color options:
– Large flowers: PINK
– Small flowers: Green, Dark Orange, Orange Yellow, Dark Brown, Baby Pink and White









And my leather monkey paws/fists from HandMadeMits. I bought them AS-IS



And from VLC Creations


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  1. Those flowers are so gorgeous!!! It reminded me that I have a something similar in another material and I never managed to incorporate it anywhere… Thank you for the inspiration! I will also check out the shop because those are some seriously cute bookmarks. I suddenly feel like I need to update all of my bookmarks all of a sudden…

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