Nivea Soft Shower Cream and Moisturizing Cream


I have written before about my love of Nivea products. They are priceworthy, easy to find at the supermarket and work well without being flashy.

At the moment I am using this combo of a morning.

I like the shower cream because the smell is mild and it is not over-soapy. It cleans without drying and your skin feels so nice and smooth and supple afterwards. I love the moisturising cream because it is not greasy but really moisturises. You can use it on your face, hands, and body, and the smell is nice and subtle.

Because of my job, I cannot wear anything highly perfumed. I move around among many different people each day and so many in Sweden are allergic to any perfumed products. I use either unscented or very lightly scented products to work. I never wear perfume to work.

[Please excuse the state of the wallpaper next to the window. I have just had all my windows replaced and the contractor damaged the wallpaper as he was removing my old windows. I don’t blame him, because they were heavy wooden triple glazed windows from the 1940s and I live on the fourth floor. Incidentally, he was so tall he did not need to use a ladder! I rather like my 1940s interior (the kitchen is beautiful) but it is time to strip all the wartime wallpaper and paint my walls, I think!]

We even have a bomb shelter in the basement!



Author: Janet Carr

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