Regular Size TN (including 3 inserts) from Tiger Stores for €2.50/$2.95

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I have written about Tiger Stores before. I really like Tiger because they sell clean Scandinavian designs at really good prices. The quality is not always the best (though most things are pretty well made) but you can buy things to brighten up your home (and yourself) at prices that won’t break the bank. A pop of something new and unusual makes a world of difference.

One thing they do make that is of great quality is their stationery. They always have interesting notebooks, pencil cases, writing implements, stickers, paperclips, little portable offices, and storage solutions at great prices, and they last pretty well. Tiger’s turnover is high and they never have anything for more than a couple of weeks so I have learned that if I like something, I had better pounce.

Today I found traveler’s notebooks which fascinated me.

  • They are almost Regular Size – just a teeny bit smaller. This would be great if you like lots of refills but don’t like overhang
  • Each one comes with two inserts – one lined and one tiny grid. The paper is creamy and of really good quality, and the booklets are stitched and have Kraft cardboard covers.
  • They also have really nice Kraft folders – one side of the folder has a flap pocket with a button closure, and the other side has a conventional pocket.
  • There were two kinds – one is patterned and has a turquoise elastic, and the other one is turquoise and has a green elastic. The closure elastic is anchored in the spine.  [Update: I later discovered that they had two more covers – green with coral elastic, and black and white diagonal stripes with yellow elastic]
  • The cover is what looks to be very thick card with a velvety soft interior.
  • My cats were playing rough on the covers and there was not a mark on them afterwards, so they are not too wimpy. It was raining today – heavily – and I could just wipe the droplets off because the cover has a coating on it. Think Mead Composition book, I guess. Those covers last pretty well.
  • They also had matching notebooks, pencil cases, pouches and accessories in these colourways.

I really liked the inserts so I got a couple of covers just for those. I will use the covers as archival storage. This would also be ideal for someone on a tight budget or someone who wants to try out the system first.





On the top is a Tiger insert, on the bottom is an original Midori calendar in Regular Size.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Right, on the way home from Cornwall, where we
    Are staying, I shall visit Plymouth’s Tiger. These are fun , so thanks for the heads up, Jsnet.


  2. This is awesome! I love Tiger! And there is one around the corner! For once, I don’t need to be all frustrated because I am not near one of those seemingly amazing American arts and crafts shops around me, like Michaels! Yay! Thank you for this post! 🙂

    1. I love Tiger too – they have such great notebooks and there are always new ones to peruse. At the moment they seem to have a great selection. Some lovely kraft paper A5 notebooks that would go so nicely in a larger TN cover.

      1. I actually went and got me one this afternoon! I almost didn’t find them so I showed the girl your blog post and she showed me where they were. They had already ran out of the white one with the eyes but they still had some of the blue ones so I got the blue one. I saw all they had and I saw those craft paper notebooks you mentioned. The blue cover of the TN isn’t too bad. I want to get a Hobonichi weeks and I have heard that they are smaller than the RS TN, so that might just be the perfect cover for it! Double bonus! 🙂 Thank you so much for posting about it!

      2. I really like them. I found two more designs today – one stripey and one green. Will post a new pic of them. I really love the notebooks. I use tiny grid a lot and these are perfect. I am going to try and see how long the cover stays nice with intense use. Probably as long as a regular notebook.

        So glad to be of help and glad you liked them!

      3. Oh wow! Hopefully they will be in my shop this coming week… I’m still not super familiar with how the shop works but I noticed that some items disappeared after a while but I never paid attention to how fast it was gone. It reminds me of a German shop called Tschibo. They have a new theme every week. They sell pretty much everything: from clothes, to work out equipement, to furniture, arts and crafts things and each week, we get something different. Again, thank you for all your posts. I read them all with pleasure and I learn a lot from them! 🙂

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