Update on Tiger store and $2.95 TNs with inserts


After my post about Tiger Store’s TN covers containing 3 inserts for a grand total of $2.95/€2.50, I received quite a few email and Facebook questions asking for more information about Tiger Stores and about these notebooks.

Flying Tiger Copenhagen (until June 2016 also known as TGR or Tiger Store) is a Danish company making cheap but well designed items for your home.  They do not have an online shop, but in their stores all over the world (see link above to see if they have stores in your country) they sell:

  • beauty products
  • candles
  • toys
  • jewellery
  • food and drink
  • homewares
  • stationery
  • other (phone chargers, wallets, handbags etc).

Below is part of the stationery section in the TGR shop near where I work.

In this shop I also found two more varieties of the TN cover I saw yesterday – this time black and white diagonal stripes with yellow elastics and green with dark coral elastics. I think the black and white one will hold up the best of all of them because it won’t show scuffs and bumps. The elastics holding the notebooks thread through metal eyelets so there will be no wear on the holes and the covers are glossy so they will repel water and dirt. As with all the others, each one comes with two very nice notebooks and a kraft folder with a flap and a slip pocket.

I bought one of each variation – mainly because I love the inserts. I use tiny grid and lined notebooks most of all, and these have one of each plus a matching folder with pockets – all at a fantastic price. The covers should wear like a regular cardboard covered notebook and they have a plush interior which means the notebooks are protected.

Turnover is very high so Tiger often have whole new ranges of notebooks every ten days. At the moment they have some fantastic A5 Kraft paper notebooks that would fit perfectly in A5 TN covers. Most cost about $1.50/€1.50. You will see from the photograph that there are often erasers/pencils/bags/pencil cases/glue/storage to match the notebooks.

There is a collaboration at the moment with British artist David Shrigley and the bags in that series are flying off the shelves. I saw three within ten minutes today. I only realised where they had come from because I saw them in the shop just before I saw people carrying them on my train. They looked so cool!











Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. These have finally arrived in Tiger stores in Ireland: hooray! Here’s a neat hack for those of us who’d like something a bit more conservative looking: the covers are lined with a brown faux suede, and it’s really easy just to take the elastics off, reverse them, and flip the covers inside out for a much more understated look.

    Here’s to hoping they’re popular enough for Tiger to carry lots of refills.

  2. A Flying Tiger store just opened near my apartment in NYC; I was so excited to see the paper TN notebooks, I bought two, even though all I carry around with me these days is a pocket calendar.

  3. Hi Janet,
    Fab article as always, trailed away into my 2 tigers in Glasgow city centre. In small shop she looked @ me as if I was ‘daft’, the 2nd shop newer & much bigger didnt have a clue either but they were in the flyer so i could point them out. No they didnt have them yet as we are ‘oop north’ & the deliveries havent reached us yet in Glasgow.
    Leave you to ponder that one !

  4. Thank you for this post Janet. The black and white one looks great. I will go back to my Tiger shop and see if I can find it. The one with the eyes was nice but I think I prefer the one with the lines. Let’s hope they end up having it over here!…

      1. By the way, in both shops I looked at, the stripey ones were under the actual shelves, in their storage cupboard. Ask and see if they don’t have any in their cupboard at your shop!

      2. Thank you for the tip! When I couldn’t find them in the first place, I asked the girl who worked there and she told me she only had the blue ones. The Tiger in my town is a bit small so maybe they just didn’t stock them or maybe they are just waiting until they get rid of their stock before coming up with the two you just posted about. Fun fact: one day I got a really big reproduction of the Mona Lisa. They didn’t have a bag big enough for me to carry it so I just put it under my arm, like a baguette and went back to my car. I got quite a few funny looks along the way 🙂

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