I don’t have green fingers but….

I can grow African violets!


My mom was a fantastic gardener and could never grown African violets. I am a terrible gardener and yet I can. Or I should say that I have found the right light for them, because I think that is all they really need.

They are on the table because my cats used to knock them off the windowsills. The violets love it so much in that spot that I won’t ever move them, I don’t think. I have to stop myself from buying new ones every time I go past a flower shop!

If they have the right light, don’t get their leaves wet and are not overwatered, they really look beautiful and don’t need maintenance

Mine are a bit rangy at the moment because during the Swedish winter they don’t get much light. They settle down now when the summer comes.

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  1. They are really nice, Janet! I love them too. I grow five in my bathroom and three in the entrance hall. They love the bathroom as it is full of natural light and rather humid once a day. I only water them once a week and they keep growing and growing!

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