Zenkraft Old Man Comfort Pro-Sleeve Bifolds in A5 and B6



My Zenkraft Old Man Comfort A5 Pro Sleeve Bi-Fold and ZenKraft’s Old Man Comfort v2 b6 Pro Sleeve Bi-Fold arrived yesterday and I love them!

Yochanan Israel of Zenkraft Leather is an amazing leather artist. And very Zen. His work is in high demand but he does not stress, attempt to mass-produce or compromise quality. You cannot buy his goods every day and they hardly ever go up for resale, so patience is necessary and believe me, it is always sweeter when your covers arrive.

These are described as

Constructed from 5.5oz Brown Horween Leather. They have a lot going on so let’s start with the size. This an A5/A6 size notebook, holds 6 to 8 A5 Inserts comfortably. It differs from any other ZenKraft as it has a front flap closure that has two functions. It closes and secures the contents of the notebook, and it secures the rear Cell Phone sleeve which  can hold even the largest Cells like the iPhone 6Plus and Galaxy Note 5. The inside has a left Multi Function Utility pocket which can hold pens, rulers, etc. as needed. The right side starts with a reporter notebook that slides in and out of the right tech pocket which can hold small digital or analog devices as needed. Not a conventional notebook folks, this one can basically do what’s needed.

I absolutely adore the leather. It is not too floppy or too thin and will mark and age as you use it. I really like the tech pocket because I will use it for pens and pencils, rather than a phone. I also like that you can comfortably fit a spiral pad in them as well as up to 8 notebooks.




























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  1. Love this, they are unique and great quality! Thanks for sharing.

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  1. Zenkraft POP (Prince of Purple) Slim A5 with gold hardware – Janet Carr @
  2. Midori/Traveler’s Company vs. ‘fauxdoris’ – Janet Carr @

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