Thank you Glenda oh thank you thank you thank you!

Glenda from Paperflower let me know that my Outlander TN was on the way to me the other day. I am such a fan of the Outlander books and TV series that I just had to have this limited edition when I found out about it.



when she let me know my cover was on the way Glenda told me that she had made me a special cover as a tribute to my dearly departed Paddy, and included it as a gift in my package. She loves cats too and knows how much I adored Paddy. So dear, kind, wonderful, amazing Glenda chose her favourite photo of Paddy from my Facebook and made me a Field Notes cover with him on it.

Isn’t it just too beautiful? Pads used to love Easter because he got an egg filled with cat treats and catnip toys. Oh how I loved this boy!


I am not sure if Glenda makes these covers as part of her ordinary selection but what a fabulous idea if you could have your favourite photos printed onto covers! Photos are so personal and sentimental and make each cover unique.

Glenda is such a wonderful person and is amazing to deal with. I have bought from her multiple times and she always treats you as though you are the most valued customer she has.

I have received such love and support from friends and family after losing Paddy. I can never ever thank you all enough.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Oh Janet – you are so welcome. I know how you love your fur babies as I do and thought you would love your darling Paddy immortalised xx

    1. I love it so much Glenda. He was the world to me. Yesterday I saw his hair on the blanket in his favourite spot and I started bawling like a baby. This will be such a wonderful way to remember him <3

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