Filofax Balmoral 10CLF Personal


This was a surprise! One of my readers (thank you Isabelle!) alerted me to a Filofax duplex up for auction on eBay. When I went to look, I found it was not a duplex but a Filofax Balmoral 10CLF – they are very rare and usually go for sky high prices. I set a snipe but did not expect to win.

In the meantime I was offered another one by a wonderful friend who has found me some previous beauties. Unfortunately the postage and prospective customs from north America put it into the painfully expensive category.

Then I had unexpected expense this week when my cat had to be put down and I had to replace both locks on my front door (why are locksmiths so expensive?). I totally forgot about my snipe.

I received notification yesterday that I had actually won the auction. After initial shock I am now ecstatic!













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  1. So sorry to hear about your cat Janet. I know how much I love our dogs and it’s never easy. Congrats on your score. Those big rings! *swoon*

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  2. I was very sorry to read about Paddy. We’ve been through it with our brood many times over the years and it never gets any easier – but I’m also glad that Ziggy has arrived and is getting on so well with Fluffy…

    Regarding the Balmoral… I was bidding on that one too! Mine was the bid before yours, at about 5 seconds before close – but I suppose if I had to lose to someone I’d rather it was you than anyone else!

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  3. This planner is stunning as most of the old Filofax! What a great find!

    I’m sorry you hadto have your cat put down. I thought he died at home, on your bed, surrounded by the ones who loved him. Anyway it is alsways a great pain to see one’s pet go for ever.

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    • It’s gorgeous isn’t it? The seller was lovely, agreeing to make an exception and send abroad.

      Yes the vet put Paddy down at home on my bed, where he was sleeping at the time. We could all be there.

      The vet made house calls to him for the last few years because the trip to the veterinary clinic stressed him so much they could not examine him.


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