Black Cherry Boulevard TN from Speckled Fawns

This was actually a spur-of-the-moment impulse buy on my part. This leather had always appealed to me and had very good reviews, but was no longer going to be available. I decided when the last items in this leather were posted for sale, that I had better buy one or else I would regret it.

This is what I bought:

Black Cherry Boulevard TN in personal size with 2 inch spine. It has the standard Speckled Fawns layout, the neon white stitching pops on this beautiful black cherry color. The color is compared to the skin of black cherries that may not show in the photo.





It arrived earlier in the week and I am absolutely thrilled! It is supple and so soft but not floppy. It is the most beautiful dark brown with a pop of red and positively shines with health!

The external pocket is genius and the internal pockets add firmness to the leather without making it over bulgy like others in stiffer leather do.

Because of the design, it can fit a great many booklets. I managed to fit TWELVE booklets into the 8 elastics. There was slight overhang but this was due to the elastics being a bit loose rather than the cover not being big enough. Once I tighten the elastics, all books will be held close to the spine and fit in perfectly with no overhang at all. The sight of inserts symmetrically flush against the cover and no overhang is beautiful to behold!

Surprisingly it is not bulky or heavy. I love the reinforcement on the spine which keeps it stable and straight for the large number of inserts it will be holding. It also allows for a square rather than a round spine, which is actually very nice if you have lots of inserts.

It was also beautifully packaged and presented. I am so very happy. Thank you Terri!

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Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Janet I’m so glad it reached you and even more pleased you were able to get this leather before it was gone. Looks like you had fun filling up the 2″ spine.
    Thanks so much for the mention this is super exciting and a first for Speckled Fawns. 😀

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