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I am not allowed to wear sandals to work, or have bare legs. Not even in summer. So my go-to footwear when it is warm is always ballet flats.

I can wear them with dresses and skirts (though I hardly ever wear dresses or skirts) and trousers, and with both smart and casual clothes. If I travel they are small and light to pack, easy to wear on the plane and I can walk all day in them.

I don’t tend to buy expensive (though I probably should), and I usually just walk into the nearest shop, find ones I like (soft with good arch support and comfortable) and buy several colours. Then I wear them to death (which takes me about four years) and I start over. The nice thing is, as soon as they look scuffed or less than pristine you can toss them. This means I can buy light colours and it is no great disaster to get rid of them if they get marks or scuffs on them. I also don’t have to resole them as it is cheaper to buy a new pair.

My previous ones were lovely. I bought them on 3 for 2 about four years ago and I got 2 gold pairs, 3 black pairs and one satin leopard print. I only got one satin leopard print as I felt they were not very practical, but I loved them most of all. Those ones only cost me about €10 each.

This week I walked into the nearest shop and got these. Also on 3 for 2. I love them! The soles even have little flowers on them!

I have noticed recently that my feet have grown from a 37 to a 38 (which is about from a 4 to a five in UK sizing. I am still a 6 in US sizing). Does that happen when you get older or are shoe sizes changing?




Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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    1. It’s protocol in formal settings – no sandals and no bare legs. Within the diplomatic corps, formal representation and the foreign office for example.

  1. Oh love love love ballet flats!!!! I must say though – I was a size 8narrow BK which is before kids!!!!! After carrying twins (one weighed in at 5lb and 15oz and the other 5lb 10oz and they were 8 weeks early!!!! Right after that – my foot size changed to a size 9.5!!!! Honest!!!! I have horse feet now!!!!!!!!!! Neigh Neigh Neigh!!!

  2. They are absolutely lovely! I wish l could wear flat shoes at work as l have a whole collection of Repetto ballet pumps. I love these shoes as they are very light and comfy. Have you tried them, Janet? The Hirica ones are great too. Once l’ve slipped a pair of them on l just can’t take them off!

    1. No I haven’t but I have always wanted to – Repetto had an ad once that was a huge wheel of colours and it was so mouthwatering. I must actually see if they sell them somewhere in Stockholm. I usually look at them when I am in London.

      1. I’m pretty sure you can find a retailer in Stockholm. They are sold everywhere in the world. I bought a pair of Repetto in Hong Kong a few years ago and trust me it was in the less expected store you could think of.
        Sweden is not that far from France so l’d be surprised if they didn’t export them there.
        Once you wear Repetto ballet pumps you fall in love with them!!

  3. I think it’s the manufacturer’s sizing discrepancy because in jeans i wear a size 2 up to a 10 depending on who makes them. I find it to be frustrating!

    1. The curse of mass production and laser cutting… they cut through a whole pile of cloth all at once and as it works its way down the pile, the bottom ones get wider and wider.

  4. I think it’s a bit of both. I know I’ve worn a size 9 since I was a freshman in high school and now all the sudden (40 years later) I need a 9.5 (US size). But I’ve noticed a lack of consistency and quality control. Even in the more expensive brands. I bought 3 pairs of the exact same shoe, in exact same size and one pair fits perfect, one is too big and one is WAY too small. ???

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