Calepino Portfolio Leather Notepad Covers


These have a rather interesting closure elastic configuration. I rather like this as I use cardboard folders for work that have the elastics on the corners.

These have elastics coordinated to the type of notebook they are shipped with. You get three notebooks with the cover but then you are able to order refills in any colour you want.

  • No 1 Red for ruled
  • No 2 Green for grid
  • No 3 Blue for plain
  • No 4 White for dot grid

The Calepino Portfolio is a handmade leather cover into which you can insert up to 4 pocket notebooks. The notebooks are held in place by elastic straps which allow the easy removal and insertion of new notebooks without causing any damage to the notebooks themselves.

The Portfolio is held shut by elastic straps reminiscent of the closures found on old-fashioned cardboard flap folders.

The natural leather cover is handmade in France by Bleu de Chauffe, the French leather masters best known for their high-quality handbags and satchels.

Each Portfolio is supplied with 3 Calepino Notebooks – elastic colours match the colour of the cover print.

Similar in design to the popular Travellers notebook – sometimes referred to as a ‘Fauxdori’.

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CN45791~Calepino-Portfolio-Leather-Notepad-Cover-No1-Ruled_P1 CN45792~Calepino-Portfolio-Leather-Notepad-Cover-No2-Squared_P1
CN45792~Calepino-Portfolio-Leather-Notepad-Cover-No2-Squared_DTL4_P3CN45791~Calepino-Portfolio-Leather-Notepad-Cover-No1-Ruled_DTL4_P3CN45791~Calepino-Portfolio-Leather-Notepad-Cover-No1-Ruled_DTL3_P3CN45791~Calepino-Portfolio-Leather-Notepad-Cover-No1-Ruled_DTL1_P3CN45792~Calepino-Portfolio-Leather-Notepad-Cover-No2-Squared_DTL1_P3CN45791~Calepino-Portfolio-Leather-Notepad-Cover-No1-Ruled_DTL2_P3 CN45792~Calepino-Portfolio-Leather-Notepad-Cover-No2-Squared_DTL2_P3 CN41559~Calepino-No4-Notebook-Dot-Grid-Pack-of-3_P1


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  1. Very handsome looking……

    like the simplicity of them…..

    and clever closure design…..

    thumbs up…..


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