Floating Charm Lockets


When I travel I always carry this tiny little mosaic pillbox that belonged to my grandmother, containing tiny items of sentimental value I have collected since I was in my early teens. They commemorate my first holy communion, my confirmation, my 16th and 21st birthdays, my first graduation, my engagement, my wedding, walks on the beach.

I have been thinking of buying a build-your-own floating charm locket so that I can keep them close to me. I have always loved floating charm lockets. You can have them as a bag charm, traveller’s notebook charm, keyring, necklace, bracelet or cufflinks. And in various shapes and sizes. You fill them with symbols of things that mean a lot to you, or you can buy them ready-made.

From Etsy


Lavish Locket has a Locket Builder

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 10.14.52

and my absolute favourite – Origami Owl’s Living Lockets. They are more classy and available in gold as well as silver.










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