Leontine Hagoort Handbags

7340933-origpic-5c5673I have almost bought one of these handbags but in the end the vast selection available made me feel like when you are in a bakery and there are so many different kinds of cakes you lose your appetite.

I originally found this brand when I was trying to help one of my clients. My handbag expertise is embarrassingly well-known and my client wanted a handbag that looked a little like Desigual which was too ubiquitous at the time. Several of her friends and colleagues had them and she wanted something similar but different.

Leontine Hagoort is Dutch but her handbags are available on local sites in most countries. A Google search will bring up stockists in your area. If you would like a post on Desigual just pop in a comment at the bottom of the post and I will gladly do one for you.

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Author: Janet Carr

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  1. For some reason these are just unmistakably Dutch; I can’t put my finger on it but it’s totally obvious. I love when products evoke the essence of their nation of origin. It is authentic. I think this may go to the root of why we find many made-in-China products less than satisfactory; it is not that they are bad, it is simply that they are inauthentic; replicas of products designed in different countries for different tastes and needs.

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