Burde A5 WOTP vertical inserts and 22 year old VDS Cognac Italian leather A5

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I often have late meetings – sometimes they end at 10.30pm. But very seldom on a Friday. Generally Swedes do not want meetings after 3pm on Fridays. But I have meetings every Friday in the early evening. Yesterday my regular Friday client and I had a belated Christmas celebration during out meeting and it was really nice. We had South African wine (which was delicious), salmon, tuna and pasta salad and chocolate/nut bars. Yummy!


I also got a gift of A5 vertical week on two pages inserts by Burde for my 22 year old Van Der Spek manager. This is the layout I use in both personal and A5 size. They are to be recommended if you have a busy schedule as you can have a good overview of your week and each block is clearly defined with a time in it. Many vertical layouts only have the times write on the Monday, not on every day. The edges of the pages tear off so you do not need a Today marker.

I use Swedish inserts for my bookings because they have the week numbers (which Swedes use instead of dates), the Swedish public holidays and important days. This helps me with my planning. These inserts are multi-punched so that you can use them in many different ring configurations.

The same insert design is also available in spiral bound and thread-bound diaries in about seven different sizes.



The insert will go into this 22 year old Cognac Italian leather Van Der Spek A5 Manager which is used daily and looks as good as new (though it stays at home and is not carried around with me all the time). The rings are embossed VDS as is the beautiful sturdy box.








Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Like the Burde WO2P layout, very nice and clean looking……..

    Like the vdS binder…. looks fabulous and can the character it has after almost a quarter century…..

    And the belated Christmas celebration looks yummy too…..

    So, 3 for 3…….seems like you’re on a roll……..



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