Galleon ring

I was wearing this ring yesterday and three people stopped me to ask me where I got it from.

IMG_3301 (1)

IMG_3302 (1)

It is actually made from a spoon and comes from the Etsy shop The Dish and Spoon. I liked it because I love these types of ships, as regular readers of my blog will know. It was also advertised as a Viking ring which resonated with me. AND the stern of the ship looked like a ladybug (tell me you can see it too!) It is light, very comfortable and fits me perfectly.

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And along with the spoon ring, Carole, seeing where I was from, sent me a little Stockholm charm with a keyring. I will attach it to the keyring with a jump ring. My mother used to collect these types of sugar spoons so I was so happy to see this. Thank you Carole !

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I can recommend the product, the prices and the service. Each ring is individually sized for each customer and the shipping was really fast! You can make custom requests and ask for items based on your hobby, country, city, favourite animal – you name it!

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