Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Love this! I remember our cats bringing home lots of treasures – especially strays who followed them home and subsequently “adopted” our family home!

    Janet, I’m brand new to your blog as I only discovered it last week when everyone was raving about you at the Washington Philofaxy meet-up. I’ve spent the last week exploring old posts. I love the one about your stunning Michael Kors bag. He’s a home town hero of sorts for me as he graduated from the same high school as I did 4 years earlier. I think his products are just way too over produced and I cannot see myself buying one of his bags (but if I see the one you purchased – that’s another thing).

    1. My cat used to collect socks under my bed. I didn’t realise until I was looking for something one day and discovered this ENORMOUS mountain of socks – I had been blaming someone in our communal laundry room! Glad you enjoy my blog! Wish I had been at that meet up!

  2. I loved this. It reminded me of a dachshund we had when I was a child. He was a great escapologist, digging under the fence to escape. My father would bury chicken wire nailed to the bottom of the fence to prevent him. On one occasion he dug to a dept of four foot to escape. Once out he would wander up our narrow Devon lane until he came to a cottage with an open back door, nip into the kitchen, and steal any food that was on offer. He would trail home dragging a string of sausages or a whole cheese. My mum would drive to the local village buy replacements and then knock on doors until she found the victim and return their goods. Rolls was a true essentric. I winter he would walk up and down our path until the snow compacted into ice,mthey he would run down the slope of the path , lift his legs and slide on his belly. He lived a long and roguish life, much to the amusement of the villagers.

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