Traveler’s notebook covers from Strawberry Notebook on Etsy

I ordered a Tardis notebook cover from Strawberry Notebook on Etsy a couple of weeks ago and it arrived yesterday. I was going to wait until today to fetch it but I just had to have it in my sweaty mitts as soon as possible.

Firstly, Diane sent me photos of the cover in progress and it was nice to see it taking shape and know that it was all done by hand to my exact specifications. Look at that colour? I had several options as to the inside colour, and  I chose the same colour as the outside.

progress 1


progress 4

progress 3


progress 5





These envelopes always make my day!
My cats always photo bomb my pics! Nice kraft type paper tied up with pretty string.
First view – look at the beautiful colours!!! The detailing is magnificent.
I love blue on the violet side of purple and this gets it exactly right. The leather is very light and the outside is nicely distressed. The one to the right is of the most amazing heavy, thick, almost rubbery-feeling leather. I love thick leather like this and you don’t often see it.
All done by hand
Four elastics each
They came with these booklets – two grid and one small grid for calligraphy. Plus two books marks and a Tardis writing mat


Look at that beautiful rounded spine instead of the pointy one you usually find with these types of books. I love having a round spine!
Look how thick that leather is! I.AM.IN.LOVE!!!!
Look how thick that leather is! I.AM.IN.LOVE!!!!
The back of the Tardis writing board
Some small things that were included as a thanks from Diane for the nice communication we had had and the blog article I had written about her shop – bookmarks, small notebook, stickers, beads, tape. I was absolutely flabbergasted but it made my day. I never ask for or expect anything when I blog about products – it is always an honor for me to be able to write about someone whose products I like. Sometimes though I get some extras – never like this though! Also a beautiful handwritten card from Diane.
These were my favorite when I was young – fortune telling fish! I almost bought one at the V & A museum the last time I was in London but I didn’t – and now I have one!

I just want to thank Diane for the most wonderful shopping experience. Her communication and helpfulness were second to none and this will not be my last purchase from her shop. I heartily recommend her to anyone thinking of having a cover made.

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  1. OMGosh!! I find this very funny! I learn from you about this Etsy shop named Strawberry Notebook. So, I go and look them up only to figure out that they are only about an hour and half away from where I live..

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