Nati received the pink A5 Classic Filofax in 44 hours!

The A5 pink Classic Filofax travelled from Sweden to France in 44 hours! Nati was really pleased with it and I am so glad because she has been so good to me.

The pink Classic was a gorgeous colour. I first saw Paula’s personal and Chrissie’s A5 at a meet up in London in 2013. I fell in love! Paula’s was still going strong at our meet up in 2014. So often, companies get pink wrong. It is either too pale or too bring or too dark. This one is perfect perfect perfect!

With the binder I sent along a little fold-out black and white cat in homage to my two tuxedo cats because I know Nati loves her Gribouille. I tend to buy pretty cards whenever I spot them, and so when I need one in a hurry I always have something special to send instead of racing round the shops and settling for whatever I can find.

All photos by Nati.






Author: Janet Carr

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