Davie Bowie Heroes Live in Berlin 2002

tumblr_mblne5maKX1qd3mqdo1_500I have been a David Bowie fan since 1972 when I fell in love with him as Ziggy Stardust on Top of the Pops, singing Starman. I was 11 years old. I saw him in concert in the 1980s several times when I lived in the USA.

My all time favorite though is this clip from Berlin in 2002, when he was 55 years old. Not many artists could stay relevant over five decades (his first single was released in June 1964) and sound and look as good as this live in their sixth decade. His voice in this clip is absolutely magnificent and NO miming  lip-synching like so many artists today. Changed from miming as he used to actually do mime on stage!

My other favorite has always been Moonage Daydream Live from the Hammersmith Odeon on 3rd July 1973, the night he killed Ziggy. Mick Ronson’s guitar solo in this is epic!


Author: Janet Carr

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  1. The first time I saw David was at Eltham College, South London, Student’s Union, in February 1972 I think it was. I know the ticket was 60p!. Anyway we all sat cross legged on the floor as it was a very low stage, and it was reminiscent of the way we sat at junior school. David moved amongst the audience with an extended microphone, and it was quite magical to have him so close. He sang all his well known material, and seemingly enjoyed his experience. At that time he was quite keen on the college circuit. Gordon Giltrap was one of the support acts that night.

    1. Oh Steve I cannot tell you how much I envy you! That was even before his Starman appearance on TOTP wasn’t it? I have just watched the DVD of his last show as Ziggy in July 1973 and he was magic. I only saw Serious Moonlight and Glass Spider concerts but would have loved to have seen him with the Spiders (sadly I was living in South Africa at the time so all I had was posters on my wall and LPs) boo hoo. Carlos Alomar said once ‘this dude can wail’ and live, he really can – hits those notes every time. I have no idea how he remembers the lyrics to all the songs though…

      1. I seem to remember that this college tour was just before or maybe at the same time as Ziggy was released. I know he wore an electric blue jump suit, and Mick Ronson was in his trade mark gold suit. Mick certainly got some super, and beautifully rich sounds out of his Gibson. David also did his mime act in the show, which was something to behold close up. He milked the audience within an inch of our lives, and we even had the pleasure of his company at the studen bar later. It wouldn’t happen today, would it?

  2. A true entertainer who set and continues to set the bar high for all who have followed. I remember watching him and his superb band (each member a legend in their own field) perform on David Letterman a few years ago…he sat among his band members and Letterman asked them to introduce themselves. Bowie sat next to last, in even line with his group. When it came to him to introduce himself, he did do saying the name of the last musician, that musician in turn introduced himself as David Bowie. Each member received their own recognition and applause. Classy.

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