Sun Star Armor Pencil Case

I received this pencil case yesterday and I love it! It is bigger than I thought which is fantastic as I usually carry scissors, glue stick, ruler and erasers with me. The pen slots will fit only pencils or thin pens but those fit perfectly and are kept still so the leads aren’t banged around and broken.

They come in red and blue.

It came from Nanami Paper, which is also where the description below comes from. Nanami has brilliant communication every step of the way, unusual products and lightning fast service!
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This tough pencil case has been in production since 1965. Since then, millions and millions have been sold, and it is quite famous in Japan. Supposedly, it can support a load of 1.5 metric tons…I’m not sure I would try to drive a car over it, but the point is that it is more than strong enough to protect what is inside!

The case opens by pressing down on a little spot at the bottom marked “push”. Doing so raises the top end, breaking a slight air-tightness, making it easy to separate the two halves of the shell.

Lifting the top shell reveals five pencil slots fitted to a plastic insert, which also has a clever cut-out for a pen or highlighter. This plastic insert, which is removeable, forms the middle layer of the interior; beneath it is a bottom compartment for storing additional pencils, erasers, rulers, clips, sharpeners, odds and ends and random treasures.

The first time I saw this case it made me smile. It is one of those simple things that is clearly made for students, but has a certain appeal that can charm anyone. Why these are not sold anywhere in the US is a complete mystery, so I decided to carry them in this store.

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