Cordwain Higgler Organizer

This is all Anita Lim’s fault (thank you Anita!) as she posted a link to these organizers and they all had bugs on them! Two had bees and one had moths!

I have always wanted a Cordwain Higgler binder as I love leather that is made in traditional ways and I have always loved these kinds of leather products. The prices are not bad either for all the work that goes into making the binder and tanning the leather. Usually a personal is about £36 which is pretty reasonable. These were in the clearance section for £10! They also have an Etsy shop

By the time I got there the personal had already been sold but there were two pockets left. One with bees on it and one with moths on it. I would have gone for the bees except for the fact that the moth one was in shades of blue, purple and pink! So that one almost jumped into my basket. It was the last available one because by the time I had bought it the pocket one with the bees had been sold as well.

There have since been several more binders added to the clearance pile – pounce on them while you can as there is only one of each! If you want to receive immediate notification of special offers, like them on Facebook.

If you are keen to read more about these binders, have a look at these articles on Philofaxy – if that does not give you the wanties, I don’t know what will!

Look out for a review once the binder arrives. So far communication has been lightning fast and excellent!



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Author: Janet Carr

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  1. Yes it is Janet. Very “rustic” is the way I’d describe it. Tough enough to handle being thrown around on a daily basis. Smells nice too. I’ll take a couple of photos and put them on my blog over the weekend 🙂

  2. I have 3 in different sizes – Pocket, Personal and A5 – and love them all. The customer service is fantastic too!

  3. Haha, you’re very welcome, Janet!
    The couple that run the company are lovely. I managed to resist the personal as it was still available when I visited the site 🙂

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