Second Gfeller cover and Seven Seas Notebook

I cannot recommend the Gfeller Skirting Leather cover and the South Seas notebook from Nanami Paper enough. I have written about them before but the message bears repeating. Fantastic service from Dave, and the product is amazing. Can you believe that these medium thick books have almost 500 pages? And the covers are brilliant – gorgeous quality leather and built to last a lifetime.

I would really recommend these Seven Seas books for bullet journalling as they fit a lot and are light. I would also recommend the Gfeller covers for the A5/Cousin Hobonichi. They will last for years and also fit most other A5 notebooks.

I have been using my first one for three weeks now and I can safely say I am addicted! The first one I chose from the site, whereas the second one Dave chose for me. I asked for one with no range marks and that was exactly what I got!

Thank you so much Dave! Your products rock!



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Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Hi, Janet! Have you tried using the Seven Seas Gfeller covers with the A5 Hobonichi? I’m curious of the fit–the listing on Nanami Paper says that it fits any A5 notebook up to 15 mm thick–the A5 Hobonichi is 17 mm. That’s not too big of a difference but I am still wondering. None of the 2015 Hobonichi covers felt appealing enough, so I think this is the year I’m taking the plunge and getting a Gfeller one. Thanks!

  2. I’m curious about where your bookmarks come from as neither the notebook or cover seem to include them.

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