Setup of Zipped Personal Wine Holborn

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I have been using my purple Mia Cara for the last three or four months solid, so it felt strange to move into this one but I just couldn’t wait!

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Very practical design.
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Left slip pocket holds stamps and receipts. Credit card pockets for my most used cards (plus a business card a client gave me today), my ladybug bookmark from Ashley O, my divider from Courtney Brook, my white Gillio pen (though the pink one would have looked better)
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At the back are less used cards – for example Body Shop, Espresso House, Life health store. in the right slip pocket is my paper money and then under that in the zipped pocket (not visible) are coins, tokens for the supermarket trolleys and my spare house key.
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I don’t have much in my calendar but what is there is absolutely and utterly indispensable for me. I have a calendar for one month previous and two months ahead. This holds all my bookings and important notes. I need to keep very good track of each hour for invoicing purposes as I charge per hour. I use three clear rulers instead of dividers. My sections are 1)calendar – Week on Two Pages vertical for my bookings and meetings 2) calendar – Week on Two pages for daily to dos 3)lined paper for lists. If I overcomplicate things with tabs and too many sections it becomes overwhelming and counter productive. I refer to my Filofax every ten minutes or so, and so I need to know where everything is. Now that it is summer in Sweden my schedule is very quiet so there is time for me to do other things – like go through all my lists!

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