Charm Bracelets Part 4 – Pandora


Pandora and Trollbeads are two more popular brands of charm bracelets. Both work by threading beads onto different kinds of bracelets – from gold to leather – and have various spacers and stoppers so that you can elegantly arrange your beads.

I don’t have either so I am going to use some official blurbs for these. If anyone has a passion for this kind of bracelet and would like to write a guest post please contact me!

Here is the official Pandora site – there are thousands and thousands of different options! You can get your basic bracelet or necklace in silver, gold or leather and then add your stoppers, carriers and spacers at will.  They also have rings and watches.




This stunning example is by Newaddict333 – some are Pandora some are not but how stunning!

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

6 thoughts

  1. How neat!! Not my “style” per say, but the concept is cool. Like a portable unique personal memory book 🙂

  2. Wow! That is totally amazing! I have a Pandora bracelet with 4 charms (2 charms/2 clips) and 6 coloured Murano beads. Someday, there will be more added! What I really want is a TrollBeads bracelet. I love the Danish mythological beads – there is a discontinued 8-faced bead! It is difficult to find a retailer near me but there are a couple that are about 300 miles away. Maybe someday.

    1. I love charms and charm bracelets. I am now in a charm club where you get the bracelet for free and then you get two charms a month at very cheap prices. It’s lovely because you can choose themes for your charms and it’s lovely to see what you get each month. After 8 months you get another bracelet and so on…

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