Gillio pens old and new


This is a rather blurry photo taken on the run and uploaded via my iPad.

I have three or four of the silver pens that used to come with Gillio binders. They were adequate, but did not really have weight to them, and wrote far too scratchily for my liking so I did not use them. I write a lot by hand for work and so I like a pen that is smooth and soft with no skipping or scratching.

When Gillio had a short period of offering no pens I didn’t mind at all as I never used the silver ones.

So when the new binders came out with a non-optional expensive pen (worth €70) I really would have preferred to pay less for the binder and get it without the pen. But I had no choice so I chose a pink one, and didn’t think more of it.

When the binder came, the first thing I noticed was that the pen had a nice heft to it. Solid and really fitted into the hand well. I cannot write with ‘plump’ pens but this one was substantial without being a porker.

And…. it writes soft and smooth as silk, writes more thickly than the other ones and is a gorgeous ice cream pink.

If you look at the photograph you cannot see the difference between the two by the way they write but you can definitely feel it when you are writing. And it is so definitely not scratchy. The pen just glides across the paper!

I like it so much that I will definitely be buying another one, probably in orange or red, though I really wish there was a nice racing green. It would also be nice to have the option of gold detailing on the pen, as many of us prefer gold rings and poppers in the binders. This is really no biggie though as the way it feels in the hand and how it writes is definitely most important.

Well done Gillio!

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Would you happen to know which refills work in the Gillio pens? I’m in the States and I do not want to place another order just for ink. Thank you.

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