Guest Post by Paul: Sunglasses of the Day #1

I am loving this guest post because I am such a fan of sunglasses myself. I love my Oakleys!


Spring is showing signs of springing at last in the UK, and yesterday’s glorious warm bright sunny weather brought these out of hibernation in celebration:


These are my Oakley X-Metal XXs, with the 24K gold mirror lenses.  They garnered a fair bit of interest yesterday at the shops, and not a few grins.  They are rather bling-bling, but I wear them when the weather is bright and sunny and they’re something out of the ordinary.  The view from inside is much less crazy than the view from the outside – the lenses are a bronze base tint, which makes everything look slightly warmer in colour and brings up the contrast a bit… greens look very verdant through these.

They’re not the lightest glasses I own by a long shot, but neither are they as heavy as they look.  The frame is metal – titanium alloy – but I’ve read that there is a core of a lighter material (ceramic?) inside the titanium.  They certainly don’t have a lot of ‘give’ in them – the nose bridge is joined to the orbitals by what Oakley call flex couplers, so that the frame has a little movement.  On some well worn examples, the couplers can get a bit droopy – these glasses are well over 10 years old and haven’t been worn very much so they’re still nice and tight.  I put them on and take them off a bit like goggles – rest the bridge on my nose and then slide the arms down the sides of my head – to try not to stretch them out too much, as they’re long discontinued and Oakley no longer have parts to repair them if they get broken.  I do have one set of replacement lenses, just in case!


These are one of my favourites from my collection, and they’re getting quite hard to find and expensive these days. I bought them used but in mint condition off eBay a few years ago, and I’d say they have appreciated in value by approximately 50% since then, were I ever to decide to sell them.  Nonetheless I wear them at least a few times a year – they’re a bit mad and definitely very flash, and they make me feel good.  Which is the whole point of nice things, isn’t it?

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Very, very nice. Unfortunately my lenses alone cost $900. Just got new ones a month or so ago. Takes the fun out of Oakleys! Yours look super!

    1. $900 seems a bit… ouch! Presumably you are meaning prescription lenses? My Oakleys aren’t prescription, I wear them over contact lenses. But if you’ve got a difficult or complicated prescription or can’t tolerate contacts then that might rule that option out… My contacts are torics with a base strength of -5 (rather short sighted!) and Oakley told me years ago that they couldn’t make prescription lenses to that strength which will fit any of their sunglasses frames, which is a bit disappointing!

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