HOTD #10 Part 2

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I wrote about my Francesco Biasia Barbera bags here but didn’t have good photographs of them. So here they come again.

The bags I am featuring today are my Francesco Biasia Barberas. I had a medium brown one and two large ones – one black and one brown. I sold the medium one because even though it was utterly beautiful, it was too small for me. My workhorse bags need to be big enough for A4 and this one fitted A4 but only standing upright and then it interfered with the handles.


This is a lovely style and was probably inspired by the Botkier Trigger bag, which was designed by a photographer (Monica Botkier) who needed a bag that fit all her paraphernalia in a practical way. You can slide papers into the slots on either side (both of which have internal zips) and put your handbag stuff into the central compartment which has internal pockets and zippers. The lining is gorgeous and the strap can be handheld or go over your shoulder.

Pros: fantastic leather, quality hardware, really big with all kinds of pockets and compartments. For me the best part are the two slot openings where I can put all my papers. Francesco Biasia bags are a good price for the quality. They last forever and the leather is gorgeous. I sell bags regularly to fund new ones but these two I will probably never part with. I always get compliments when I carry these and the contents never end up in a shambolic pile at the bottom.

Cons: only one. Can be heavy.

Below are my two large Barberas. I have one in black and one in brown.

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Author: Janet Carr

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    1. Any country where there are retailers will probably have sample sales. I have been to them in the US, UK, Ireland and Sweden. You need to know where to look, and to get on mailing lists. Best way to start is to find out from a department store what the company is that acts as distributor for your favourite brands in your country.

  1. I read your post regarding these bags and have since them been fascinated by these bags. So much so, that I have searched and searched and eventually have found one albeit second hand. It seems in a really good condition, can’t wait to actually touch it ! Thank you for enabling !

    1. Ooh so glad to hear that. You won’t be sorry. I love Francesco Biasia. I also like their Secret Love model (also on the blog). Very well designed and made.

  2. Boot and Shoes I can leave – – would happily live in slippers if I could.
    But Bags and Stationery…. swoon. Actually bags are my first love, closely followed by stationery and planners etc.
    And these 2 bags are a couple of the most glorious I have ever seen!

  3. *Stares*

    That reddish one is absolutely gorgeous. Not only do you enable my stationery buying, you also have me dribbling over handbags, which are my other addiction!

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